On the 6th of  July 2023, the SynAir-G Coordinator was invited as a speaker to represent the  IDEAL Cluster at the 7th WHO Ministerial Conference on Health and Environment in Budapest. Prof. Nikos Papadopoulos presented the relevant role of the cluster in raising awareness and reducing the risk of the most important sources of air pollution.

The session was organised by European Commission Directorate-General for Research and Innovation (DG RTD), and promoted by the European CommissionDirectorate-General for the Environment (DG ENV)European Environment Agency (EEA), and Health and Environment Alliance (HEAL), which was also the moderator of the panel.

The panel showcased the outcomes of four large-scale collaborative initiatives and their potential to inform policy implementation measures, including the indoor air quality cluster.

Nikos Papadopoulos promoted the role of IDEAL Cluster in “citizen’s empowerment in breathing clean air indoors. On this matter, IDEAL provides data, proposes standards and policies and generates air monitoring and air-improvement solutions with direct impact on health”.

Additionally, he also showcased the relevant role of IDEAL Cluster on raising greater public awareness and reducing risks of the most important sources of air pollution.

All in all, the session highlighted the extensive framework of initiatives under the EU’s Green Deal aimed at protecting public health from the impacts of environmental degradation. It also brought together different EU-funded research initiatives which could answer pressing policy questions on how to tackle the impact of environmental pollution on people’s health.

Lastly, the participation of IDEAL Cluster and SynAir-G was a precious opportunity to shed light on the importance of the development of technologies to prevent the side effects of indoor air pollution, and the role of SynAir-G and IDEAL Cluster in it.