The IDEAL (Indoor Air Pollution and Health) Cluster is a task force promoted by the European Commission to optimize synergies, avoid overlaps and increase the impact of the projects selected for funding under the call HORIZON-HLTH-2021-ENVHLTH-02-02. The cluster is currently composed by seven projects: InChildHealth, Inquire, K-HEALTHinAIR, LEARN, SynAir-G, TwinAir, and EDIAQI.

The kick-off meeting of the IDEAL cluster was held in Athens, on 10th October 2022, in the presence of Ms Rita Araujo, European Commission’s Directorate-General for Research and Innovation, EU responsible for the cluster, who presented the policy framework for the projects of the Environment and Health cluster as well as the priorities of the EC in this context.

The activities of the cluster will be manly dedicated to the creation of working groups on topics of common interest, to provide the European Commission with scientific inputs, to organize training sessions on relevant issues, and to implement a dissemination and communication campaign to create awareness on the activities jointly implemented.

So far, within the cluster, 3 working groups have been created:

  • Science translation for policy and practice WG, led by SynAir-G / K-HEALTHinAIR projects
  • Data analysis/management and protection WG, led by TwinAir / INQUIRE projects
  • Communication & Dissemination WG, led by Inchildhealth / LEARN projects

Stay tuned for more!